In the most complex domain of moulding young minds, Delhi World Public School, Medchal highway  has acquired high recognition and we owe our success to the teachers who have relentlessly pursued one objective – teach to excel!

At Delhi World Public School, Medchal highway teaching is not merely a profession, nor just a job. It is a promise to excel and set the benchmark in education. Teachers at DWPS, Medchal highway are those who work on diverse platforms, where the best academic minds meet the best academic potential.

The teachers we invite to be a part of Delhi World Public School, Medchal highway are those educationists who have exemplary credentials with perfect communicative skills. Along with the requisite educational and professional qualifications, they must also have the necessary experience in the field of education.


  • Should have completed Graduation, must have secured at least 60% marks in the said subject and overall 50% as aggregate.
  • Professional certificate like PPTC, TTC (Teacher training Certificate), Montessori,    
  • Early Childhood Certificate, B.Ed. course in the related subject.
  • Very Good communication skills. Must be bubbly and very lively person. One who is a passionate, compassionate, creative, energetic person who is willingly to make their teaching, activity oriented and conceptual.


  • Should have completed Graduation, must have secured at least 60% marks in the said subject and overall 50% as aggregate.
  • Professional certificate like B.Ed., course in the related subject.
  • Minimum 4 years experience in teaching the relevant subject.
  • Very good communication skills, confidence, patience in understanding, dedication to excellence, unwavering support to student, willingness to help student to achieve, true compassion for the students, the ability to look at life in a different way and to explain a topic in a different way. Ability to steer them, guiding students with appropriate life skills.


  • At least 60 % in post-Graduation / Master degree in Psychology.
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in counseling area, typically trained in department of education. Must be able to work comfortably with children from Primary to  Secondary School students.
  • Student Counselor (School Psychologist) should be able to understand, do a lot of testing, and give a patient ear mostly with children who are facing difficulties in the school. Try to diagnose the problem and suggest ways of dealing with the problem, sometimes taking in confidence their parents.


  • Any Graduate (BA, B.Com).
  • Good control on keyboard / Guitar well.
  • Good Vocalist too.(Sing English Songs). Western /classical.
  • Can speak English fluently
  • Can connect with students well. Pleasing personality and go getter with the peers.


  • Any Graduate from reputed College
  • Expert in Indian classical Dance for classical dance teacher (Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Kathak)
  • Can speak English fluently
  • Expert in western dance for western dance teacher position (Hip Hop/ Salsa/ Zumba/ Aerobics)
  • Candidate having vibrant experience of teaching Classical / Western dance position.
  • Can choreograph and orient events.
  • Train and develop students in all types of dance.
  • Planning and delivering dance lessons. Choreographing full routines to a high standard for beginners right through to advanced students.
  • Delivering enjoyable, structured and well-planned dance activities.
  • Explaining and demonstrating dance techniques and methods.
  • Teaching the history of dance.
  • Choreographing and directing dance performances for all events at School.
  • Controlling groups of students as and when required disciplining them.
  • Teaching dance as a form of recreation. / Monitoring their progress.
  • Performing numerous dance routines throughout the day.
  • Abiding by all local regulations as well as safety protocols.


  • Should have completed Graduation, must have secured at least 60% marks in the said subject and overall 50% as aggregate.
  • Should also have Bachelors / Masters degree in Library Science.
  • Added advantage of holding certification course pertaining to Library.
  • Minimum 3-4 years experience in the Education industry.
  • Very pleasing personality and good communication skills. Strong ability to communicate effectively both verbally and written with all levels of staff in the organization. Very comprehensive personality with ability to work cordially in a team
  • Must have key skills, which includes knowledge of barcode scanners, microfiche and microfilm readers; knowledge of library software / database user interface software; reading comprehension; and active learning and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Create an environment that is targeted towards active and participatory learning to students.
  • Excellent attention to details.
  • Fantastic time management skills needed to carry out tasks within schedule and accurately
  • Should have a very good network / rapport with the publishers/ writers.
  • Should be updated with the current books available in the market which is appropriate to the age group at School.


  • Any graduation from a reputed college.
  • Should have Bachelor or Master Degree in Physical Education.
  • Can speak English Fluently.
  • Should have at least 3-4 years in Physical education
  • Should be able to organize games and challenges that promote physical activity among children from kindergarten to high school.
  • Their goal should be to develop motor skills and physical development among younger children also proper exercise and eating habits among children
  • Should specialize in one game while they have general understanding in all the games.
  • Should be firm with rules and regulation in the sports field however very pleasing personality while handling students.
  • Besides being knowledgeable about activities, they need to be able to communicate and demonstrate it properly to Students.
  • Must be able to observe all their students and maintain discipline within the class, School campus.
  •  In addition to students, they interact with parents, other teachers and school administrators as per the instruction.


  • Bachelors or Masters in Fine Art or related field.
  • Very good communication skills
  • Can work in school instructing students (Primary to High School) with the basic principles of art. Supervise and assist students, grade artwork, encourage creativity, and teach techniques in a variety of media.
  • An art teacher who can connect with any age group, teach them art media such as paint, pencil, charcoal, pastels, and even photography.